About Gate & Gate Civil Question App Anees A Naik

1) Why GATE?

Engineering students approaching final year of their degree are caught in multi-directional thoughts as to the stream or career lines they want to pursue. I will be sticking here to why one should take up GATE. A student interested in technical aspect or say a particular subject of his 4-year tenure and wants to go ahead in nurturing and improving knowledge in that subject one can go ahead with GATE. Not only doing a master’s program but also various job opportunities are open via GATE provided a good rank is obtained. Doing a Master’s program through GATE acts a foundation to continue research work leading to pursuing PhD also with fellowship form UGC

2) How did you study and tips for aspirants?

To secure a good rank in GATE a quality and planned way of preparation .It’s not the number of hours you put in but the effectiveness of the time spent. I started the preparation for GATE around 5-6 months before the exam date. Mostly it was daily basis preparation. I took test series from two institutes. I used to note down new tricks whenever I found out during the course of preparation. The most important part was solving previous year question papers which will go a long way in getting a good score in the exam.

1. A serious and dedicated effort is required though GATE is not as famous as JEE, CAT or other MBA exams it requires a serious grasp of technicality of the subject to crack it.
2. I won’t suggest any particular study material because it varies from person to person depending on their ability to understand and grasp. There are various materials available in market, students can chose a apt material based on the criteria of its ability to make them feel comfortable during the preparation time. Seeing the outline from the material one can also study from the textbooks also. Studying only textbooks without any material from coaching institute is a simply not the best way of approach.
3. Practicing mock tests is very important. The number of times you take mock test is directly proportional to marks you obtain.
4. Ideally you should have finished most of the portion before one-month of the exam so that the last month only revision has to be done. Do not study any new topic during that period.
5. Stay focussed on the basics and theoretical knowledge. Only problem solving may not help you sometimes.
6. Divide and plan out time frame during the exam, you will always have a few questions that are straight forward so do not overthink and just answer what you feel.

More Tips are given in the app and those are very useful

3) Why IITK?

There is no concrete reason to choose IITK, to be frank I attended the interview at IITB (GTE, Stuctures and Water Resources) and IITK (Geotech and Water Resources). Coming here at IITK I feel lucky as it turned out to be a good choice seeing the curriculum, research areas and environment that serves to the best interest of the student.

4) How is our app beneficial to aspirants?

To say two words the app is a “must have” for all the students preparing. Let me share 4 important reasons
1. Previous year papers and formulae:- All the previous year questions papers are neatly and brilliantly arranged with solutions so that you get the required level of preparedness . The formulae of all the subjects act as a additional booster at the time of revision and a medium of easy access.
2. Strategy:- The distribution for various subjects appearing in GATE is given to prepare your strategy for the exam. One can get to know the important subjects through this. Mock tests with random questions are very crucial with large database (even from discussions) imbibing a good level of confidence in the aspirant.
3. Completeness of the app:- Instead of carrying heavy books, in this tech-savvy world you will get access to whatever information you required regarding GATE in this app at your phone or tablet. With job opportunities through GATE also being a part of the app is for the students who are job oriented to. So this app serves its purpose for two class of aspirants i.e. research oriented and job oriented.
4. Structured orientation:- All the sections are presented in systematic and orderly way be it the exam mode-study mode or any other section for that matter. The inspirational quoted add a nice finishing touch to the wholesomeness of the product.
I must congratulate Mr Santosh and Mrs Priyanka for their commendable effort to bring out this app that will act as a ideal and wishful platform for every student out there making preparation a lot easier and effective. This app defines a new level or new dimension of going about the task of bringing out the best in each and every GATE aspirant.

5) Are online mock test series really essential?

My straight forward answer is yes. It helps you to evaluate yourself in the sense, the method of your preparation, whether it is moving in right direction or you need to make any necessary improvement in the plan. It increases your confidence level as it depicts final GATE exam. Learn your mistakes from every test you take and try not to repeat same in next test because the same mistake committed second time is no longer a mistake. Try to analyze trend of your mistake. What is the reason, whether it is due to anxiety, overconfidence or lack of time management or not understanding/remembering the concepts you are studying. I feel it’s worth to spend time on analysis before moving forward. See to it that quantum of mistakes reduces as you progress ahead with mock tests.
Let me share few things on time management very briefly.
As we all know time is money which we can earn without spending a penny. Then why to hesitate to utilize it to fullest extent? Never restrict yourself on the number of hours you study. If you are capable then go ahead with two/three hours of extra hrs of study. Even successful people have 24 hrs only which mean it is enough to achieve anything. We usually say that i don’t have time. Remember, we always have time for things we put first and an achiever was once a beginner.

5) Message for aspirants

There will be times where the outcome of mock tests or preparation won’t be as per your expectations but that is the only way you will succeed in the final day. Effort is in your hands the rest of the matters you cannot control .Let those be as it is and do whatever is possible in your limits to achieve whatever result you aspire in GATE.

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