About Gate & Gate Civil Question App Maheshwar Reddy

1) Introduction

My name is Maheshwar Reddy, I have completed my Bachelors in civil engineering in 2014 from RVCE Bangalore. I cleared GATE in the year 2014 with AIR of 3011. I got into IITD M.Tech in Construction Technology and Management through a sponsored programme of L&T. They conduct an exam by name Build India Scholarship for the GATE cleared applicants and then the shortlisted are called for interview and they sponsor about 60 students in 2 IIT’s and 2 NIT’s

2) Why GATE?

I always wanted to pursue a higher level of knowledge in the subject of my interest which is possible by pursuing M.Tech. GATE is one such exam which gives opportunity to get into any institute based on your performance. GATE also provides a wide range of opportunities to either go for higher studies or work in many Public Sector Undertakings (PSU’s) which have this as qualifying exam. GATE is one such exam which if qualified gives value to your resume as well.

3) How did you study and tips for aspirants?

To clear an exam like GATE it is important to start preparing early. If pursuing Bachelor’s, ideal time would be to start after your 5th sem because that is when most of your core subjects would be covered. Prepare a proper schedule which has to be followed by you during the preparations. I usually studied about 3-4 hours every day. It is also important to make notes as we cannot go through entire syllabus once again. Every day I used to keep some time for revising my notes so that I don’t lose touch of the subjects, revising is most important part of preparation. Then about 2-3 months before exam it is really important to solve the previous year question papers and this helps you know the way you can attempt your exam. Solving the mock papers and questions papers has to be able to access your time to complete the exam and also helps in planning your time for different sections.

4) Why IITD?

Choosing a particular institute is left purely to interest of the individual. I preferred IITD because for the course I chose, faculty here was very experienced and this was most important reason for me. I also thought that being in Delhi provides a bit of extra exposure in many aspects. IITD also has few opportunities to visit other countries for learning few courses.

5) Which subjects are important for civil engineering GATE?

I would say scoring subjects are Transportation (including traffic) and Geotechnical (including foundation Engg.) because in subjects related to structures the syllabus is vast and still not that easy to score full marks. Comparatively more efficient way of scoring marks would be to score full in these two subjects. I do not mean to say to neglect other subjects as it is necessary to be thorough with all the subjects to get good score in GATE.

6) How is our app beneficial to aspirants?

This app is really helpful to civil engineering aspirants to complete the preparation for GATE. This really helped me in understanding about how to proceed about solving problems in effective manner. As it contains previous year solved papers it is helpful in revising. The app is really user friendly and nothing sophisticated in using it as well. The user interface is the best among any other such app I have used. As it is the only app for civil engineering aspirants where these many solved papers are available I would recommend to all the aspirants and assure them that it would be of great help to them.

6) Message for aspirants

Consistent hard work will definitely pay off but it is also important to work efficiently to crack an exam like GATE.

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