About Gate & Gate Civil Question App M. Rohith

1) Why GATE?

Gate is the exam that provides a platform for those students who wanted to continue their further education in a particular stream . It gives an opportunity to get admission in good institutions based on the student’s performance . The score obtained in gate is being considered in various aspects like PSU’s , interviews etc.

2) How did you study and tips for aspirants?

It is better to start preparing for the gate from 5th semester as this would to be the right time to learn parallel with the syllabus as most of the core subjects come from this semester. A planning is to be required to crack gate exam. One must schedule his preparation. I started my preparation 6 months before the exam and studied 3-4 hours a day. Writing separate notes while preparing helped me a lot and used to revise the completed part once in 3 days. Lot of websites provides an opportunity for writing mock tests in the Internet. These tests help us to know the mistakes that we do and we can correct them in the main examination. Revising is the most important part of the whole preparation.

3) Which subjects are important for civil engineering GATE?

To be frank there is no subject that can be said important or not. Each subject has it’s own value. But one can go preparing based on the weightage of the subjects or based on the student’s interest, in which subject the student is interested etc., . There is no subject like that can be neglected as we know that “1 mark” in gate is also more valuable.

4) How is our app beneficial to aspirants?

This app provided me all the info that I require about the gate exam. Solving previous papers helps the student in improving the knowledge and also to manage time for each problem, which can be practiced in the app under Exam mode. It also provided all the statistical data about the marks covered in gate exam each year and also provided information about the PSU’s etc., One thing that I liked and helped me a lot is “Whatsapp Group” where I was able to learn few techniques from others in solving the problem and learnt how to solve the problems that we difficult by posting in the group. I recommend this app to all the students who take gate exam seriously.

5) Message for aspirants

Hard work and proper planning will definitely help in cracking the gate exam. All the best.

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